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Phone dating is a service that will stand the test of time, offering intimacy
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  • Receiving over 350,000 calls per day
  • No paid operators or seeded content on our connector service
  • Covering United States and Canada
  • English and Spanish languages
  • We also offer TV, Print and Radio campaigns.


Payout Conversion Analytics
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CPA: Earn commission per FREE TRIAL issued or female greeting

Pay Per Call: Get paid for EVERY UNIQUE CALL that is at least 60 seconds of longer

Every month, top-earning affiliates are making $100,000

Up to 30% landing page conversion

Up to 4.5% conversion to paid lead

Leads are paid on 30-DAY schedules-if a lead comes back after 30 days, you get paid again

Real-time postback conversion available
Postback ensures you know ASAP that your transaction was successful and payment was processed

Full on demand analytics

It only takes a phone call to get paid!
No purchase or personal information required. 100% phone based.

How our affiliate program works?

User put in their phone number on the landing page and click on "Call Me Now"

All new male callers get a
30 MINUTE Free Trial

All female callers get a
FREE lifetime membership

User receives a call from Teligence to start their Free Trial


Affiliate receives money once user starts their Free Trial. Affiliates can acquire their own 800 number or local number to be paid per call

$3    per free trial
$2.5 per 60 second
unique call